Vallcarca Power

Famous Vallcarca songs:

  • Tal como eres - El canto del loco
  • Boulevard of broken dreams - Greenday
  • Nada fue un error - Coti
  • Antes que ver el sol - Coti y el canto del loco
  • Sinterklaas wie kent hem niet - Het goede doel
Famous Vallcarca sayings:

  • CAZZO!
  • Whatever!
  • Don't even go there!
  • ¿Como estas, bien o que?
  • Shut up!
  • Oh my goodness!!
  • ¡estas flipando tio!
  • en-ton-ces
Famous Vallcarca activities:

  • L'Ovella Negra
  • La Chupiteria
  • Don Simon parties
  • La Paloma

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Metro VallcarcaWelcome at This website is specially designed for people who lived in THE house of Vallcarca, Barcelona.

Here you can find all sort of things of the greatest time in many peoples life. There are pictures, maps, stories and many things more. Of course this website is not only for former residents of Carrer de l' Argentera 26 (on Google Maps), Vallcarca, Barcelona, Cataluñya, España. Everyone who is interested in Spain, Vallcarca, student houses or whatever…. please have a look at this site.

Because everyone who lived in Vallcarca has a lot of memories we want to keep and share them. The most important memory of all is "The Vallcarca Power". This power is only known by people who lived in this special house and with this website we want to keep it alive.

If you as a former Vallcarca resident want to contribute to this page please let us know and your input will be used as soon as possible!

Weblogs of current Vallcarca people:

Paul: (Dutch)
Peter Paul: (Dutch)

Tell your stories at the Vallcarca Forum!

Vallcarca forum

Vallcarca Impression
View from balcony
Room in Vallcarca
Garbage after party
Vallcarca from tibidabo

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